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Three reasons to talk to us:

  1. You're launching a new R&D initiative or venture.
  2. You need a sanity check on your current efforts.
  3. You intend to transform R&D methodology in your R&D department.

We are not traditional consultants. Think of us as three things:

1. Initiators

We love it when clients start something new. Even if their foundation isn't solid yet.

Case in point? Zoom back all the way to the 90s and the Soviet Union. Alistair Brett and two other colleagues had a conversation over tea with Abel Aganbegyan -- the intellectual father of perestroika.

The topic? Commercialization. Or rather, the lack of it. Because at that time in Russia, there was no word in the Russian language for commercialization.

Talk about starting from zero. But to begin to spark a modern innovation and R&D ecosystem, it was vital for people to know what they're talking about. So in the end, they coined a new word -- kommertsializatsiya.

Armed with a suitable term for an otherwise alien concept, it became possible to develop a solid IP strategy to introduce technology commercialization into the country.

Best part? The word is still in use today.

2. Advisors

Actionable advice can be a game-changer.

For example, we helped create R&D programs and centers as part of a $76 million project funded by the World Bank and the Kazakhstan government. Main results? The project reconnected parts of Kazakhstan's R&D base and linked it to national and international technoogy markets. Over 800 scientists in 33 research groups produced over 80 industry partnerships and 40 R&D-intensive startups.

And Harry Red has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs go from a vague idea to a strategic plan to connect with customers and gain traction. Advice backed by results.

3. Practitioners

Traditional consulting emphasizes research over action.

We don't. An effective consulting project unlocks new potential and transforms the way your organization operates. Hence, you don't need pure researchers. You need practitioners.

For our part? We've managed R&D teams, raised capital, hired researchers and engineers, and actually went out to test new prototypes in the field.

If you'd like to work with us, shoot us a line. While we actively limit the number of clients we work with in order to deliver solid results, we'd love to connect and discover your specific challenges.

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